Arduino IDE and SAMD21

I feel like I'm the only one in the world using a SAMD21 and having these development issues. Sparkfun is no help at all with this issue...

It has to do with the USB serial connection to both Debug and Program. Here is the scenario as it happens:

I have IDE 1.8.3

I have the SAMD21 Mini Breakout selected and Port 42 for the comm port.
I download my program, Serial Monitor screen is NOT open yet.
Program downloads (they are slow) and program runs.
I open the Serial Monitor screen. All is well we have serial data...
I make a change to the program and press the Upload button.
Program compiles and starts downloading (Serial Monitor is still open and displaying COM42 on top bar
The IDE at this point I believe has reset the USB ports and is now using COM43 to download.
I wait for the program to finish downloading and when it is done, my Serial Monitor screen now says COM43... I can watch it change from 42 to 43...???
Now no Serial data is displayed because I need to monitor COM42, not 43...
I close the Serial Monitor
I go to my Tools menu and hmmmm the Port selection is blank.
I hover over Port, find COM42 and reselect it and reopen Serial Monitor.

Rinse Wash Repeat...

This is just too freaking annoying to do that same procedure everytime!!! LOL!

Any good IDE gurus have any idea what is happening?


The first thing to do when you have a problem is to try the latest version of the Arduino IDE. Maybe it's caused by a bug that's already been fixed. It's possible to use multiple versions of the Arduino IDE on your computer so using Arduino 1.8.5 doesn't mean you need to get rid of 1.8.3 if you don't like.

You can also try the latest hourly build:

to see if the problem has been fixed since the last stable release. Be aware that the hourly build is primarily intended for beta testing.