Arduino IDE can not see Arduino-Tiny

Hello forum, I am not 100% sure I am posting to the correct section of the forum. If I am wrong, I do apologise.

I am having problems getting the Arduion IDE to find Arduino-Tiny. I have followed the instructions to the letter (I think). I am using Windows 7.

In the IDE, I went to File->Preferences and ensured that my sketchbook location was: C:\Projects\Arduino. I then shutdown the IDE.

I went to C:\Projects\Arduino and created a folder called hardware (C:\Projects\Arduino\hardware). Then extracted the contents of to the C:\Projects\Arduino\hardware folder.

Next, I copied the file C:\Projects\Arduino\hardware\tiny\avr\Prospective Boards.txt to C:\Projects\Arduino\hardware\tiny\avr\boards.txt

I stated the IDE, went to Tools->Boards.... Unfortunately, there is nothing new inside.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time, Harold Clements


Should be:


Thanking you Erni, you are indeed correct.

Unfortunately, the README documentation has the location incorrect.

Thanking again, Harold Clements

Unfortunately, the README documentation has the location incorrect.

You downloaded the version for Arduino 1.5 (that’s what the “-0150-” in the filename means). Try the one for Arduino 1.0.