Arduino IDE cannot recognize clone Arduino MEGA 2560 (Windows 10)

I have bought some clone Arduino MEGA 2560 from China. Although with previously installed Arduino IDE I was working perfectly with the clone Arduino MEGA 2560 perfectly, now with the last IDE version (Windows 10) it cannot recognize the clone Arduino MEGA 2560, and more specifically "Port" is null. How can I solve this??

Do you see a new port appear in the Windows Device Manager after you connect the USB cable of the Mega 2560 to your computer?

Install the driver for the board, a link to where you got it would help us help you!

It appears "FT232R USB UART" on "device management" under the "Other devices" when I plug in Arduino and it disappears when I plug it off.

It is the Funduino MEGA 2560 R3. 1pcs Mega 2560 ATMEGA2560-16AU Board + USB Cable Funduino | eBay I am using them for many years. I had never problem...

What is the writing on the chip next to the USB port?

Nothing! On the 16-pin IC, right?

Looks like a CH340 chip, download and install the driver for this and report back.

So it is not a "genuine" Mega design and does not have the proper 16U2 USB interface.

It is then most unlikely to have an actual FT232, so it is very peculiar that Windoze reports that.

The chip will almost certainly be a CH340, and installing the corresponding Chines driver should allow it to be properly recognised.

The chip also looks like the CH340G to me from the eBay picture.

You can download the driver from the chip manufacturer's website here:
Click the button that has a cloud with a downward pointing arrow on it.

@pert: Thanks! I installed it, but still Arduino IDE does not find the Arduino MEGA 2560. Any idea?

I installed the driver, but nothing found when I connect the Arduino MEGA 2560, something wrong? Also, which programmer should I select on Arduino IDE?

The Tools > Programmer menu selection is only used when you are doing Tools > Burn Bootloader or "Upload Using Programmer". When you're doing a standard "Upload", the Tools > Programmer menu selection is completely ignored. So it makes no difference at all what you have selected from the Tools > Programmer menu.

Still I can't find the board!!!

Even if Arduino IDE cannot find the port, you can check if the driver was installed properly by looking at the hardware configuration of your PC.
Go to Control panel -> Device manager.
Look at the Ports (COM & LPT).
There you need to see a COM port appear when you connect the Arduino clone, and it needs to disapear once you disconnect it.
This way you can see if the installed driver does what it needs to do.

In #4:

So you did not install the correct driver or the correct driver was not installed correctly.
Can you share a picture of your Chinese board?

Well as pictures go, that's a pretty small one! :crazy_face:

What is the writing on the chip adjacent to the USB connector and crystal that we cannot see in such a small picture?

Hi! Nothing written on USB chip! On crystal is written: 12.00012 and under that KONY.1242.