Arduino IDE Command Line - Windows - How to get status / logs from the console?


Does anyone know of a way to use command line feature of the Arduino IDE and have it return status, or better yet log output, to the console session it was executed from?

It appears that the command line interface kicks off another process. The newly created process handles the compile and upload while the process the command was executed in returns to the command prompt.

If you use the --verbose flags the console output gets dumped to two files that are created in a directory that starts with console in the users temporary directory. The problem with this is that there is no way to tell if there were errors with the compile or upload without digging through your temp directory and finding the correct console directory.

Also, while you can define build.path to move the build directory to some known location there is no way to move the corresponding console directory.



In case anyone else is looking to do something like this here is how I ended up doing it. I used mintty from Cygwin.

c:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe --log - -e "C:\Program Files (x86)\arduino-1.6.3\arduino.exe" --upload --board arduino:avr:pro --port COM5 --verbose-upload "C:\Arduino\Sketches\HelloWorld\HelloWorld.ino"

I pops up a window and which ends up with the verbose logging, in this case just upload, listed out in it.