Arduino IDE Compatible Microcontroller with integrated CAN peripheral

There are many microcontrollers on the market with integrated CAN peripherals. For example, I have been programming Freescale/NXP devices using the exceptionally buggy CodeWarrior and I'm tired of spending my days squashing gremlins. I could switch to Keil, but my applications are not complicated enough to warrant the Keil IDE. The Arduino IDE is more than sufficient. My primary focus is industry standard CAN communications. That is the basis of selecting my IDE.

Does there exist an Arduino IDE Compatible Microcontroller with integrated CAN peripheral?

I don't know much about CAN but I remembered is a hardware package for ATmega64M1 and ATmega32M1, which support CAN. It looks like it's not under very active development but worth checking out:

AFAICT the DUE embeddes 2 CAN(s). Here is a Library :

Yes, as ard_newbie say, the DUE has a couple of CAN controllers built in, you just need the interface transceivers. I have a DUE using this library communicating to my off grid Lithium battery management system, and it works faultlessly 24/7.

In terms of IDE, I can suggest the Eclipse IDE with Arduino components, Sloeber

Paul - VK7KPA

The newer Teensys have CAN (I know it for version 3.6)