Arduino IDE compilation problem

My system is running Opensuse 11.4(64 bit) with linux kernel 3.1. I downloaded arduino for linux 64 bit and when compiling a program i get the error like this

Cannot run program "avr-g++": error=2, No such file or directory.

Please help.

You need to install a few packages.


You can find these on

If I remember right the 'cross-avr-gcc-4.3.3' compiler was the best option. Unless you want to use the MEGA boards. I think there are (or were) some linux issues.

Also please look here: Arduino Playground - HomePage

Hi madworm, it was a clean install and thanks for your support. But When i upload to the board, it says to select the com port from the serial ports option. But the serial port option in the tools menu is inactive. (Its dim wont work)


OK. I suppose your user is in the ‘dialout’ and ‘lock’ groups etc. as shown in the wiki?

If yes, then you’ll have to do a small modification to file permissions. If you switch to 12.1 (either sysvinit or systemd) you’ll have to do that as well btw. Unfortunately the /etc/permissions stuff is deprecated and doesn’t work as expected anymore.

Create or edit the file ‘/etc/init.d/boot.local’ and add the following to it:

chgrp lock /var/lock
chmod 775 /var/lock

This makes sure the permissions stay correct even after some updates.

If you run with ‘systemd-sysvinit’ add this to the file ‘/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/legacy.conf’

d /var/lock 0775 root lock -

Okay, I am now running 12.1 I mistakenly mentioned 11.4. Yes, i added my user name to the three groups as told in the wiki.

Make sure the perms... of '/var/lock' are correct. I've updated the playground article with the little script and systemd-sysvinit information as well.

Even as a root user, I cannot access the serial port option under tools menu :~
Since I am a newbie to linux, please tell me what to do exactly to fix the problem


what's the output of

ls -ld /var/lock


ls -l /dev/ttyU*
anish@linux-jmbg:~> ls -ld /var/lock
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 120 Dec 19 21:14 /var/lock
anish@linux-jmbg:~> ls -l /dev/ttyU*
ls: cannot access /dev/ttyU*: No such file or directory

No wonder it doesn't work :slight_smile:

a) either you don't have the thing plugged in or you have an UNO

b) /var/lock needs to be "d rwx rwx r-x root lock"

I've already posted how to fix that.

@madworm: Thanks for your support pal. Actually, everything is installed correctly but its a privilege problem. When i run “sudo arduino” from terminal, its works more better compared windows.
again thanks.