Arduino IDE compiles project every time, even if no changes are done.

Arduino IDE compiles project every time, even if it had been just compiled second ago with absolutely no changes. Is this normal?

Actually, I keep sketchbook folder on the network drive on the NAS, but I have tried to move it to the drive C - the same, compiles every time even if no changes.

The board core and libraries are cached, so they are only compiled the first time or after you switch boards or modify one of their files. However, the sketch is not cached. It's likely that you will have modified the sketch between each compilation (otherwise, what's the point of compiling again?), so caching it doesn't provide much benefit.


A sketch with .h/.cpp files in the same directory should actually not recompile those files again if they were not changed. I have no idea about the behaviour regarding this as it does not worry me :wink:

Ok, thank you, will not worry, too :slight_smile: