Arduino IDE disconnects internet connection.

As mentioned in topic I have problem with Arduino IDE. Everytime I open arduino.exe it disconnects my internet connection. After it disconnects I can connect again, no problem with that. I tried versions 1.00 and 1.01 but the problem remains. It doesn't matter if I have my Arduino Uno connected via usb.

It's the only problem I've got. It shows "An error occurred while starting the application." but software starts anyway. I can upload programs to my Arduino and they work.

Maybe it's not a big problem, more like inconvenience, but it really bugs me. Anyone experienced similiar problem?

Operating system?

Very weird, the only thing I can relate is the serial port stuff, maybe something related with wireless+bt combo?

And of course my first advice is to test if the same happens with:,118440.0.html

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Operating system? [/quote]


Yes, Windows 7 x64

I installed Arduino Enchanced Edition and it works! No more problems with internet connection. Thank you eried :)