Arduino IDE Does Not Run on Windows 10 on My Machine

1- I performed the Arduino IDE installation
2 - After installation
3 - I try to execute
4 - Appearance screen appears after hiding
5 - And the IDE does not run

Installation as Administrator

I accept the terms

All selected drivers

Arduino IDE default installation folder

Installation process in progress

IDE on Windows 10 Start Menu

When running the Arduino IDE.
Only the presentation screen appears.
And stop there.

In the installation folder I run CMD prompt O provedor do arquivo de nuvem não está em execução
at Method)
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.readBytes(
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.implRead(
at cc.arduino.contributions.libraries.LibrariesIndexer.scanLibrary(
at cc.arduino.contributions.libraries.LibrariesIndexer.scanInstalledLibraries(
at cc.arduino.contributions.libraries.LibrariesIndexer.rescanLibraries(
at cc.arduino.contributions.libraries.LibrariesIndexer.setLibrariesFolders(

Is any text printed to the CMD window after the IDE fails to open when you run arduino_debug.exe? If so, copy and paste it into a reply here; as text, not as a screen shot.

Friend, I don't know what I meant. But I made a video showing the problem at the moment

1- I run arduino_debug.exe through CMD 2 - I run arduino.exe with two clicks.

Check the video, any questions, I can redo the video.

I disabled Defender Anti Virus I disabled One Drive

Does Arduino IDE have problems with NVidia GTX 1060?

Not sure what the problem is, honestly :(

I run a couple of Nvidia cards here with zero issues but I do NOT use the microsoft drivers are they are pretty crappy and can cause some issues.
With hardware always stick to the manufacturers drivers and not ones Microsoft may have messed around with.

BTW I lost interest in the video about 10 seconds in as it wanders all over the place and the focus is horrible.
Lots of users will not go to youtube or similar so you really need to get the hang of posting useful information.

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cyberlacs: Check the video, any questions, I can redo the video.

I guess you missed the part where I asked you to post the arduino_debug.exe output as TEXT.