Arduino IDE doesn't reset our Leonardo-alike USB-board

We have a problem with our atmega32u4-based board when trying to upload a sketch from the IDE (1.0.4/1.0.5). The board doesn't get reset like e.g. Leonardo board (mostly) gets. It looks like the IDE just does not run reset command at all (avrdude with baud rate 1200). We have added a new configuration to the boards.txt and it is identical to Leonardo, except that there are our own VID and PID, as well as our own board name (iProtoXi Micro).

My question is: Is there something hard-coded into the Arduino IDE so that it knows reset-command should be invoked for some specific boards? How could we configure the IDE to execute reset also four our own board?

(Sorry if this is a wrong forum for this - didn't find any better...)