Arduino IDE doesn't tell me on which COM my boards are

Hello to everyone, I hope you can help me to solve this annoyng problem.

I have a Wemos D1 R1 (may be a compatible board) and a compatible Pro Micro boards and I am experiencing this issue: when I connect one of the boards, Arduino IDE should show on which COM port the board is attached, but it doesn’t so everytime it changes or I forget it, I have to try all the available port and it’s a pain if I’d like to buy other microcontrollers.

Love to everyone who will try to help! :grinning:

I find the simplest thing is to view the COM ports in the Device Manager (Control Panel>System>Device manager>Ports (COM & LPT) as the devices are plugged in

Nice trick!

So your IDE doesn't show you the COM ports? I'd like to know if it is normal or if it is a problem of my IDE installation or my boards...

IDE Tools > Port will identify some boards, e.g. currently mine shows COM5 (Arduino Uno), COM10 (Arduino Due (Programming Port)), etc. but not some of the clones and it only displays the COM port number which if you have several COM ports attached is a problem. As mentioned in post #2 unplug and plug the USB connectors and see what disappears/appears

I recently received two ProMicros and I'm disappointed that they don't identify themselves as such; a Leonardo e.g. identifies itself as such.

Anyway, boards that use a generic USB-to-TTL converter like a CH340 will always identify themselves as a serial port and nothing else. I think the Wemos uses the CH340.