Arduino IDE Editor Problem

The editor appears to retain text which was edited out. A CTL-F search verifies that the text was successfully deleted. It smells like a bad cache flush or equivalent. The error message, triggered by the deleted text it the following:

C:\Arduino Working Files\Arduino Thermocouple Files\Arduino\ThermoAug\ThermoAug\ThermoAug - Copy.cpp:72:32: error: no 'void ThermoAug::echoCheck()' member function declared in class 'ThermoAug'

Anyone seen anything like it?

Are you sure you are looking at the right file? Note that the file name is "ThermoAug - Copy.cpp". Perhaps you have another file named "ThermoAug" (without the " - Copy" suffix) and that is the file you are looking at. All the source files in the sketch folder are compiled.

When you do the CRTL + F make sure you have checked the Ignore Case box. If the problem continues, as the first step of troubleshooting, I would simply copy and paste the code into a new file, copy all other project files to a new clean folder and try again.

When you do a copy in windows to the same folder, the copy utility postpends a < - Copy(1) > or < - Copy > to the filename. I use this to do frequent backups when everything is a mess. It turns out that if you tell the Arduino IDE to compile the base file, the compiler picks up the first copy file instead. Happens in Win 10, Happens in Ubuntu. I've squawked it to the developers. Thanks for your comment. Removing the files does fix the problem.

As I mentioned before, all source files in the sketch folder are compiled. So it doesn't pick one or the other, it compiles both of them.

The annoying thing is that the classic Arduino IDE doesn't display the file with the spaces in the file name (because this is not an allowed file name), and even displays a warning about this:

File name ThermoAug - Copy.cpp is invalid: ignored

but the build system does compile it. The behavior of the two should be aligned.

If the "squawk" is public, would you mind sharing a link to it? I am watching most of the relevant locations but didn't see a notification related to this subject.

Here is the URL I used:

<> .

Thenk you for yourr help!


Oh, so this forum topic is the squawk?

I guess I did receive the notification then!

When I use the Arduino IDE, expect the compiler to operate on the files listed in tabs at the top of the editor display. I expect the main program to reside in the <.ino> file. I further expect that the <.ino> file to reside in the directory I get prompted for when I do a < as>. The .ino file in this directory should serve as the linkage root. Then the thing should link anything in that directory, anything in subdirectories below it, and anything in $PATH in that order in order to resolve remaining references. Is there somewhere that it's documented what the Arduino IDE code actually does?

Same here.

Well, not "anything", but all the source files, yes.

Nope. Only the source files under the src subfolder.

Nope, it doesn't work like that.

You can start with the Arduino Sketch Specification: