Arduino IDE error bug

Is there any way to get the Arduino IDE to correctly display the line # (and preferably column) of errors? I’m doing a lot of work with the Arduinos and it’s really frustrating to have to guess where the errors are…

The simplest way I've found is to put all your syntax errors on line numbers exactly divisible by ten.

Expand the error message box at the bottom. Scroll up to find the first error. That one is usually highlighted in the text area.
Be sure to do CNTL-T for autoformatting and to discover mis-match in quantity of ( ) and { }.

No compiler is very accurate with the line numbers. All you really know is that the syntax error in no any further down the file (well normally).

Only the first syntax error will be correct all compilers are badly thrown by syntax errors. But if you find that the syntax errors are grouped then the first of each group is worth looking at.