Arduino IDE Extremely Slow and Buggy

I have one computer that arduino IDE does not like to work on. It is my newest computer with the fastest processors and I cant figure out the issue.

If I compile a sketch. it takes 30-40 seconds. Same to upload.
If I open another sketch, that’s another 30-40 seconds.
If I try to move the window that IDE is opened in, it will break.
When I close arduino IDE, It freezes and takes several minutes to close.

I have tried reinstalling arduino IDE with no success.
Currently using arduino 1.8.5

I have recently updated Windows 10 to the latest version. This did not fix my issue.

I am running AVG as my anti virus software. Same as my other computers that have no issue. And all other programs and operation on my computer run flawlessly. I’m completely clueless.

Windows 10! (I'm tempted to say "say no more".)

But! To be more serious...

ctrl/alt/delete will bring up a scary screen that looks like "stuff" has happened. On it, "Start Task Manager". Do that. Look at applications and processes, and click on column headings, to put memory hogs, network hogs, etc at top. May help clear up what the issue is.

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