Arduino IDE has garbled text and text is placed away from the cursor

This is hard to describe but just loaded V1.8.8 and the cursor is acting screwy. Text is truncated (see pic) and when i type code, the text will overwrite other text even if the cursor is in the correct location. Selecting text is weird too.

Also, how do i search the forum for this bug? All I see is a general search bar. Thanks.

No answer to the problem; I have seen similar come along in the past.

For search, click the magnifying class; not sure if you did mean that by "general search bar". It will preform a google search tailored to this site.

Which OS are you using?

Thanks, I am using Win7. Weird thing is that it doesnt happen all the time. Hmm, maybe my graphics driver? Doesnt seem like that to me. Guess I will just live with it.