Arduino IDE Icon vanished (Ubuntu 18.04)!?!?

I have been using Arduino IDE happily on Ubuntu 18.04 for at least a year now! Amazing IDE! But I just noticed now (4/28/2021) that the icon on the left part of the of my screen has vanished and I have no idea where to search for the executable file for the Arduino IDE in Ubuntu 18.04.
I need to set the clock on my RTC!!

Does anyone know where is the executable? I tried to search in /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin but could not find anything that seemed like an executable.
I did find an file in /usr/share/applications but it in only 383 bytes so that can’t be it…

Oh No! I realized it was in my downloads folder and I deleted it thinking it was the zip file to install the IDE but it was the live executable folder!! Ugh! I think it was 1.8.13…

No worries. You can just download it again from

Thanks, pert! I just got it installed after a few false starts, LOL! I tried to extract the tarball into ~/Arduino

Well, it did NOT like that at all, LOL! So I extracted the tarball to ~/
and now it seems to be running happily despite the error message about not being able to create a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin

Yeah, that is definitely a problem. ~/Arduino is the default sketchbook folder location and the IDE won’t allow the sketchbook folder to be the same as the Arduino IDE installation folder. It is possible to set a custom sketchbook folder location, but probably easiest to just let the IDE have its way.

I’m glad to hear it! I never worry much about installing the IDE the right way. I just extract the file and run the arduino executable directly. Good enough for me.

Praise Yah, I did not have to monkey with the config!! It remembered the esp8266 core and all my libraries and recent files!! It was as if nothing happened!

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