Arduino IDE is not recognising port. Device Manager does not show port

I have been using Arduino IDE for about 2 years with no problems. I use it with the Teensy 3.2 with the teensyduinio software( but recently I updated the Arduino IDE to the latest version. I uninstalled the old version and installed the new version. Since then the IDE does not recognise the port I am using. As of now, I have the Arduino IDE installed and the TeensyDuino. I dont think it matters I have the Teensyduino because that only kicks in when I uploads, and currently, I am unable to upload to boards.

For example this is what I see in the IDE ( - I can't choose ports.

In device manager I don't see 'other devices' or anything resembling anything I read online. It seems the 'Generic USB Hub' recognises it because whem I choose to see properties and look at the power it says: HID compliant vendor definded device, so it is reading it.

Regarding the answers I can forsee I have tried multiple ports I have tried multiple cables I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling I have restarted my computer a few times with a full power shut down I have tried using different Teensy devices

Is there something I need to do? Am I doing something wrong? I dont understand why I am suddenly unable to use the Arduino IDE

Help is very much appreciated

If you can't choose ports, that means windows can't see any COM ports, which is consistent with your observations in the device manager.

That suggests that you're missing the drivers, or something somehow messed up the drivers (I've seen windows update break application installs, so it breaking drivers wouldn't surprise me) - or that there has been a hardware fault on the teensyduino board.

It very much matters that you're using a teensyduino board, as this problem is unrelated to the IDE itself - it's a matter of either the drivers or your hardware. You might have better luck on the teensy forums.

Hi DrAzzy

I follow that it could have uninstalled my drivers. How would I go about re-installing then?