Arduino IDE Mac: Magic Mouse vs. Scrollbar

With my Mac (OS 10.9.3) scrolling the editor with my Magic Mouse is a pain. Using the swipe gesture to scroll up or down makes the text jump around like crazy. No smooth scrolling at all, impossible to use. I ended up actually grabbing the scrollbar, pulling up and down like its 1999. Arduino IDE is version 1.0.5.

Seems to me, the UI is set up for Windows-like mouses with scrollwheels, moving three lines or so with every step of the wheel.

Anyone else or is it just me?

or is it just me

Just you. But I am not sure what a magic mouse is nor why you want to use one.
Been using Macs since 1984.

I haven't noticed anything like that yet. I've been using a magic mouse on 10.6 for a few months now with no problem.

I'll check the machine with 10.9 tomorrow to see if I can reproduce.