Arduino IDE no longer works

I'm on a Mac OS X 10.5.8 machine.

I used to use Arduino happily -- though not very often. This weekend I wanted to try it again, and discovered that it no longer works. That was Arduino 0017, so I downloaded and installed Arduino 0018, but it still doesn't work. At launch, it bounces once, appears in the dock, and then does nothing more; no windows or menus appear.

I looked in the console, and found these errors:

3/6/10 10:22:50 PM JavaApplicationStub[7448] Apple AWT Startup Exception : *** -[NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]: attempt to insert nil 3/6/10 10:22:50 PM JavaApplicationStub[7448] Apple AWT Restarting Native Event Thread

...and that's it. There is the standard application menu, which (as always) contains a Quit command, but Arduino ignores it; I have to force-quit it.

Possibly relevant: "java -version" on my machine returns 1.6.0_17; this isn't standard for OS X machines. I had to enable that for some other app that wouldn't run right under 1.5. (Ye gods, this is what I hate about Java apps!)

Short of disabling Java 1.6 (breaking the other app I need to run), does anyone have an idea how to get Arduino to work on my machine?

You could try disabling Java 1.6 to see if Arduino will run - it's not a solution but may give more information about the problem. You can edit the Info.plist file inside the to specify a Java version; that might help.

I saw the post from Joe. I am using Windows XP pro and experience what looks to be the same issue. I click on the Icon and it flashes the Arduino IDE screen then goes away never to return.

I un-installed Java 6 with no impact. Then downloaded Arduino-0017 and it seems to be running. Also ran JAVA’s SDK Test and it apears to be okay.

Because I have just started to use the IDE and am a newbe let me know what I can do to help provide info…

  • Phil

You could try replacing the java/ folder that comes with Arduino 0018 with the one from Arduino 0017.

Ah! The sweet smell of success. I know it's success because I really did take a bath!

Actually I hadn't noticed but the first install hadn't completely installed all the files. I re-downloaded the ZIP file and re-did the unzip and it appears to be working.

Sorry to tweak your memory... Thanx for the help and reply!

  • Phil :)