Arduino IDE not recognizing serial port on Mac Big Sur

Help! I'm new to this and feel a bit lost. I've download Arduino IDE 1.8.13 to my MacBook pro recently upgraded to Big Sur (OS X 11.0.1). I have successfully downloaded the driver for my Sparkfun Qduino from the board manager as well as the FTDI USB SerialDriver (v2.4.2).
The problem now is that under the tools/port menu there are no COM or /dev/cu.usbmodemXXXX selection available to communicate and download to the Qduino. Current port selections are only /dev/cu.URT1, URT2 and bluetooth. I have tested all of these and error messages uniformly say 'programmer is not responding' which I'm assuming means I have no COM port access. I have 2 new Qduino mini boards and both have the same behavior.
Any suggestions on how to configure my IDE to get access to a functioning port? Any help is much appreciated.

BigSur broke a LOT of things

Arduino engineers became aware of the larger picture this morning but don't expect any quick fix for SNAPples mistake.

If bigsur can be rolled back you may want to try that ?

Also the SEARCH for "big sur" on this forum may bring you a couple of work arounds worth playing with.

While I have avoided updating to Mac OS Big Sur for this reason, I recently had to solve a similar issue with not seeing FTDI devices showing up in my tools/port menu and thought that might be helpful here.

Apple provides its own FTDI drivers and they might not be compatible with your FTDI devices.
Sparkfun details for older Mac OS's how to uninstall Apple drivers (here) and install the latest FTDI driver (v.2.4.4 is the one I recently installed on my mac and is working great)

After uninstalling the Apple one, here is the location for the FTDI drivers.

Please take this advice with a grain of salt as I have not recreated what you are seeing, but it feels so close to what I recently fixed on my Mac OS Catalina install that I figured it i could be helpful.

I'm having the same issue, just trying to go through the sample projects/tutorials for the Uno I bought a while ago.

The serial ports simply don't show up. The Sparkfun details on how to uninstall Apple drivers don't work on Big Sur, and installing the latest drivers doesn't change anything.

I'll keep digging into the forum to see if anyone else might have figured out how to solve this.

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