Arduino IDE not uploading code to Arduino Nano

I tried all three suggestions, the result is a big zero. Don't be too hard on him. Like me, I struggled for months and couldn't find a solution. Let the horse go and get a new one.
I tried to load the Bootloader with a second Arduino, even it gave an upload error.

I'm wondering if for these types of situation it would be worth trying a different Arduino - on a different computer - with a different cable? If that worked then it wouldn't take long to "work backwards" to see which bit of hardware is causing the problem.

Speaking differently, I have two more uno and nano. I tried both but the result is the same. It concludes the situation by saying there was an error while loading the bootloader and it does not work. I will even load the bootloader, so the tx and rx leds on the broken arduino uno are only blinking and giving an error. I've tried many times and with both.

Hello CJSouth
"I wonder if it's worth trying a different Arduino - on a different computer - with a different cable for these situations." I have an Arduino Nano and an Uno. I also get an error message when I try to load the bootloader with these. I'm tired of messing around now and will try to buy a new Arduino Uno. The problem happened after I tried with 3S Lipo battery. Since 2S (7,4v) lipo battery and motors do not work efficiently, I only installed 3S (12,4v) lipo battery and I wanted to add a sensor and reinstall the program and this is the result. I haven't been able to run it yet.

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