Arduino IDE on Linux - projects on second disc

Hello arduiners,

I installed IDE on my linux (Kubuntu). Now i want to open some of my projects. My projects are on second HDD, separated from system disc - so NOT in directory /home/user/Arduino, as is set in IDE in default. In Arduino IDE settings file browser i can not choose directory /media/disc_name/Arduino, the folder "media", where is link to HDD directory, is not visible. How i can access to folder with my projects through the Arduino IDE as i do on Windows? In reverse, when i want to open .ino project directly from Dolphin from my data HDD, IDE gives me error "cannot open project_name.ino".

I guess this is a problem with app permissions to get an access to specific folders.
So, how to give Arduino IDE Linux app access to folder /media/disc_name ?

Thank you

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