Arduino IDE on Windows - "New Tab" issue

There appears to be an issue with the Arduino IDE (Windows version 0015/0016) related to new tabs being marked as dirty/modified when they should not.

Steps to reproduce are as follows:

  • Create a new tab
  • Add code to "new tab"
  • Save sketch to disk
  • Move to primary tab
  • Move to "new tab"

Now, "new tab" will be marked as modified although no changes were made to its code after last save. Closing and repoening the skecth appears to fix the issue. Before realizing this was an issue however I ended up searching for changes when I "knew ..." there should not be any.

Thanks for the efforts you put in to make this a valued environment!

I'm currently synching the Arduino IDE code-base with that of the Processing IDE. That should fix this issue.

Thanks! - I'll be looking forward to your updates.

Adding to above.

The issue appears not to be limited to newly added tabs. When you reopen a sketch with multiple pages, modify a secondary page and save - the seconday page will always be marked as modified when made active.

An additional issue with extra tabs is that highlighting of errors is off. In the sketches I have, the higlight will typically be 10/15 lines above where the actual error is.