Arduino IDE Release Menu (Linux Zenity)

Rather than add another desktop launcher for release 1.6.5, I decided to see if I could code up some sort of menu that would launch whichever release I wanted to work with.

After trying several different menus (simple bash script, dialog, whiptail, and zenity), I decided on Zenity because it had the best looking dialog and didn’t run in a terminal window.

Desktop Launcher parmeters:
Name: Arduino IDE Menu
Command: /home//Arduino-Menu/Arduino-zenity (wherever you store the script)
Execute: Allow executing file as a program

See attachments for what the dialog looks like.

Simply select the required release and press ‘OK’ or double-click it.

Adding a new release is easy.
Once the release is downloaded and extracted, edit the shell script and add the release as a new line in ‘options’. Of course, this assumes that all releases are stored in the same directory (in my case, it’s /home//).

Hope this makes your life just a little bit easier – enjoy.

Script code (which I stored in /home//Arduino-Menu/Arduino-zenity)

ardir="/home/<userid>"	# Arduino directory 
title="Arduino IDE" 
prompt="Pick an release:" 

opt=$(zenity --title="$title" \ 
             --text="$prompt" \ 
             --list \ 
             --column="Releases" "${options[@]}") 

if [ -z "$opt" ] 
  then exit 0 

exec $ardir/arduino-$opt/arduino

Screenshot-Arduino IDE.png