Arduino IDE Serial Port Gray/Grey

I’m trying to use a Leonardo, and am trying to use the serial monitor for debugging, to make “trace” messages. When I click “Serial Monitor”, it says the port is not found, and to change it in the Tools > Serial Port. Then, sometimes I can click it, sometimes I can’t. When I can, nothing shows up (Programming?) When I can’t, the menu is grey. Any help?

Two things

1) What OS? 2) Did you install the driver provided in the arduino software?

  1. Windows 7

  2. The software has previously worked. The only thing is that I’ve gotten a new Arduino board. Wouldn’t the driver be the same?

Thats a good question, since I down own a Leonardo, but glancing in the driver folders (of 1.0, bit outdated on this computer), there is one specifically marked Leonardo

What do you mean when you say you got a new board?

Did you have a uno (or any 328 based) board and then you got a Leonardo? Or you had a Leonardo and got a new Leonardo? Where did you buy the "new" board from?

If the problem happens on some times but not always, this probably will help you,118440.0.html

I had a leonardo and got a new one.

I've now found that my board shipped with dead pins. If there is a defect here, might there also be one in the serial communication portion?

Damage is damage. Something happened to the board that shouldn't have, so I would call the whole thing suspect.