Arduino IDE series

Hi guys,

What do you think about an Arduino IDE series for people who have no previous programming knowledge?
I've started by making 3 tutorials in a playlist and I'd like to get a review from someone if I should actually
keep making such tutorials.

Tutorial 1: Arduino IDE Series: Tutorial 1 - Installing and Setting up software - YouTube
Tutorial 2: Arduino IDE Series: Tutorial 2 - Basic Infrastructure and Hello World program. - YouTube
Tutorial 3: Arduino IDE Series: Tutorial 3 - Timed flashing LED. - YouTube


Thank you for reading.

Watched a few minutes of the first video and I approve. ie, no annoying music..

Now if you can just get the beginners to watch them. $)

I haven't yet had the opportunity to view them, But I will and Thank You for caring enough to spend your time on such a neat addition to the Arduino Forum.
Watch them?... You can't even reasonably expect that they can read...
I don't see a lot of mention of I read a few (more than a few actually), Enough to realize that most of the posters really only want to ... "Pls send me a code...) and the really Nice ones say thx OR TIA...
So Even pictures are too challenging AND No-One it seems has learned how to spell Google, Judging from the post's that I answer.
There are many in our little world who will Never do anything but Read what they Understand... Unfortunately.


I totally agree Docedison. It saddens me to see our society like this: Please do everything for me..

And those ABC cards are fabulous. Pighixxx has done an amazing job with the cards.