Arduino IDE Sketchbook/librairies

Hi, I've Been running successfully the Arduino IDE for some years but recently I have done something quite innocently that has upset my apple cart and I really need help.

When I open the Arduino 1.0.5 IDE., I can find and open Sketchbook but when I search for 'libraries' It does not show in order to select it. It is placed as the following:
As installed in: D:\My Documents\Electronics\Arduino\libraries
As repositioned in: D:\My Documents\Electronics\Arduino\Sketchbook\libraries. This is the working Sketchbook (Preferences) location and has been for eons.

I did have some adafruit Libraries recently downloaded and installed within libraries that were seemingly preventing it running and I removed all of Adafruits Libraries, old and new, from my Sketchbook & 'libraries' folder these files were all carrying the program, h., cpp, pde, or ino file containing the digits "Adafruit-ST7735" and or simply "ST7735". none of these file names now exist. I have also searched for ST7735 within any existing files and if found, I have removed those too. However the problem still exits and if I empty the libraries folder completely just leaving the folder present it still doesn't show all given that each and every attempt is made having folded down any open Arduino IDE.

I have removed every Arduino IDE within the computer; I have updated the Java Runtime; Cleared out the registry and down loaded further clean copies of the Arduino IDE., including ERW 1.0.5 inclusive of Java but the same state remains
I know its probably something DEAD SIMPLE but I unfortunately just cannot see the wood for the trees. Is there anybody that can help in this matter?

Cheers, thanks for taking a look.
Chris S.