Arduino IDE suddenly goes dead!

Hi all!
I’m running IDE 1.0.5 for very long time without any problems,but yesterday it decides not to run anymore!
I get the splash screen,while the splash screen is on my PC turns very laggy and then it shows icon at the bottom like an java applet but i can’t go inside it. screenshot provided.
Is someone else ran into this? tried to reinstall both Java and Arduino IDE - nothing.same thing.
Thank you very much for your help!

Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software.

doesn't work......i tried every single guide i could find: this is desktop PC,no Bluetooth or WiFi adapters,reinstalled both java and Arduino IDE,changed the language through preferences.txt,deleted preferences.txt,deleted temp files on Win,any probably couple more things that i forgot......what the hell I'm supposed to do?! just dropped dead because of nothing! didn't made any major nor minor change in my machine,and of course there is no support email from the developers... yeah,OK,open source and stuff-but at least answer for some emails!

god damn it.....all my Arduinos and extra parts for very important project for me just sits like bricks......might just be using them as paperweights.....

Have you tried using the installer rather than unzipping...

actually i tried this installer all the time…unzipping is just downloading the zip and extracting? if so,will try it
nothing to lose,program doesn’t start anyway

yesterday i got crazy and terrorized my registry for any trace of java,cleand PC both manually and with software,after that re-installed java-same problem!

the crash log i produced using “arduino.exe --l4j-debug” is attached here…both the times i tried it it says exit code 259 but i can find any info online…

launch4j.log (1.28 KB)

Try removing the spaces…

c:\Programs\Arduino 1.0.5 IDE\