Arduino IDE thinks it is seeing a Teensy


On my machine I have 3 (run as administration) Arduino software folders.

  1. IDE 1.0.6 --> I use for my UNO
  2. IDE 1.0.6 (Teensyduino modified) --> I use for my Teensy
  3. IDE 1.5.8 --> I use for my Due

I have had this configuration for a very long time and no issues were seen. Whatever microcontroller I was using, I would use the corresponding IDE.

I started a new project using a Due and it was assign COM7. But for some reason my machine thinks it is a Teensy, I checked this via Device Manager. I try uninstalling the driver and scanning and still my machine thinks it is a Teensy on COM7, as well as multiple reconnects of the microcontoller. The IDE detects there is a device on COM7 but does not upload the code (for obvious reasons) and provides me a "No device found on COM7" response, although it finds it in the Tools>Port tab.

How can I override and solve this issue? Perhaps assign it to another COM port?

Nevermind, I think the micro is busted.

The name wasn't changing for my other Dues and they were working just fine. I switched out the Due and it works. Not sure what happened.

Once you have installed the Teensy USB drivers, it causes all new USB-serial devices to be installed with the Teensy driver regardless of type.

That seems like a bug to me, but it was designed that way.