Arduino IDE VS others ..

I am a computer guru who have been diving in software programing /computer hardware / general computer stuff for the last 15 years (i am 35 years old). in the last couple of months hardware programming caught my attention . i ordered my first arduino board along with few shields / other stuff and it should arrive in couple of days.however i would say the arduino IDE is not something that i liked (yes i am spoilt guy from other programming languages IDEs).

my questions are: 1- how programming the arduino differs between the arduino IDE VS programming in others (i looked at AVR studio 5). i looked into some code example of AVR studio 5 and i would say it does not seem that those two IDEs use the same programming environment /libraries ..etc.also i tried to use AVR studio 5 but i am compltely lost trying to find tutorial for it as most tutorials on the net is for AVR studio 4. any comment ?

2- any other "advanced" IDE (even paid) for the arduino ? by "advanced" i mostly refer to code completion , integrated upload of the code from within the IDE.

i am basically a lost noob who need a push in the right direction. any advice / links /search terminology ..etc will be appreciated.i have been looking into the internet for the past 3 days but still not being able to put myself in the right track.

thank you folks!

Someone posted about a VS2010 implementation the other day, it's supposed to have full support for all the usual stuff.

I used Netbeans for a while but it wasn't a great implementation.

I also believe there's an Eclipse plug in.