arduino IDE What wrap text in console ?

I’m very annoyed that the console displays lines a few kilometers long that need to be scrolled with a slider, and already 100 years old.
Why can't creators figure out line wrapping along the screen?
How can I solve this problem for myself?


It's not that they can't figure it out. It's that they intentionally made it not wrap. Each line in the console is a command or output from the toolchain. Wrapping it would make as much sense as the IDE's editor wrapping your sketch code.

If you really want to wrap it, copy and paste it into a text editor and enable text wrapping there. Although I don't like wrapping, I do sometimes copy the console output into a text editor so that I can search long output for specific strings I'm looking for.

It looks funny.
Next suggestion.


As a rule, editors do not break anything when wrapping words, copying and pasting to another place.
That is, there are no insertions of characters like / n for line breaks, etc. It just needs to be a normal software gap, as in text editors.

If the console output "soft-wrapped", when logging upload results, depending on the width of the window, the output from avrdude could be hopelessly mangled, and it's harder to see what lines things are on, too. I think the current behavior is better than the alternatives.

Having to use horizontal scrolling to view it in console window is annoying, but quite frankly, using the console window for anything that requires study is pretty annoying - it's not really meant to be good at that. I would do as pert recommends, and just copy it to a text editor, where you can enlarge the window to whatever size you want, turn on softwrap if you want (I still generally leave it off, because knowing where the boundaries between lines are is usually more valuable than not having to scroll horizontally.