arduino ide

why wont ide load to my compouter. I downloaded the files and tried to install it keeps saying eerrors. what is the cure please

You need to give us the exact symptoms so we can advise on the cure.

Which OS? Which version of the IDE? Exact errors? For Windows, you can find a debug version in C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino.

The cure would depend on large part on what the error was don't you think? Is that hard to imagine?

windows 10 185 ide. when it runs to load it says write error and stops wont install on computer.

So you can't install the IDE?
Or did I misunderstand and it is installed but does not start?

it says write error

Are you sure it says exactly "write error" and nothing more? If not you need to post the exact and full error message.

Which IDE download are you using, "Windows Installer" or "Windows ZIP file for non admin install"?

You might be able to bypass your problem by downloading the Windows ZIP for non-admin and manually putting a shortcut on you desktop.

THanks I will try