Arduino IDE

After using Code Blocks and Sublime Text for C++ and Python, the Arduino IDE seems a little bit incomplete for me. It doesn't show you a list with variables and functions when you start to type their name and the text is only orange or black... (actually, there are other little thing I don't like). Any IDE suggestion for Arduino?

Why did you add this to a topic about a Nano not being recognised ?

As to your query, take a look at the PlatformIO extension to Visual Studio Code

If you are a lover of “Sublime Text”, whatever that is, then you could possibly use it to write code for the Arduino, the code for which is C++

I use the Geany editor for all my programming

I have written a simple Python program to compile and upload Arduino code using the command-line IDE. I have a menu option in Geany to call the Python program. The Python program can also be used without Geany.

I'm sure you could do the same with SublimeText


My personal favorite is Visual Studio Code. Its Intellisense is far superior to Geany's simple list of variables/functions, IMHO.
I usually use VSCode with just the C/C++ extension.
The PlatformIO extension also works really well, but it's an entire ecosystem, not just an editor. There are some “Arduino” extensions for VSCode, but I've never tried them.

If you use VSCode without PlatformIO or Arduino extensions, you might have to point it to your Arduino installation and libraries folders so it can find the necessary header files, otherwise the code completion and “Go to definition” features won't work correctly.

You can select the “Use external editor” setting of the IDE to just use it for uploading etc. while writing your code in a different editor.
Alternatively, VSCode has a powerful “Tasks” system, so you could also use Robin2's compile and upload script and use it as a task or assign it to a shortcut if you wanted to.

There's also the Arduino Pro IDE but I haven't tried it.


I use eclipse a lot, so the Sloeber plug-in is perfect for me.

I am really liking the Arduino Pro IDE over the others mentioned.
especially when using one of the samD boards(MKR Zero etc.)
It is still Alpha but seems to work well.

The Arduino Pro IDE sounds like a good idea but progress on it seems very slow

The Arduino Pro IDE sounds like a good idea but progress on it seems very slow

On the other hand, I can empathise with the OP if he just wants to use the programming tools he is already familiar with,