arduino + IFC brush motor diver + dc motor with encoder project

hello... i need some guidance on my project... i would like to use IFC BH02 motor driver card with arduino... actually, this motor driver was bought by my friend. So, they give me and i don't want to wasted my budget .. then, i bought arduino uno for my project... i would like to connect with IFC dual brush motor card but i don't know the connection because there are a lot of jumper there... can u show me guidance how the connection.???

then, the other question is, I was bought 2 DC motor with encoder (SPUR GEAR)... the IFC motor driver already provide part to connect with encoder... there are also PIC... i need to know, the encoder part.. if i want to connect the encoder to the motor driver i need to program the PIC... Isn't the arduino can program the PIC...??? if cannot... i need to connect arduino right.? can you guide me how to connect with it....?

IFC dual brush motor card=http: // dc motor with encoder: =