Arduino ILI9341 TFT Touch Shield

Hi there, im having trouble with my tft touch shield. Its a 2.8 ITDB02 Shield by Itead studio. I cant find the right model parameters for the display.

Can someone please help me?

The only ITDB02 that Google finds is this 2.8 inch UTFT has this model ( I am guessing ) :

#define ITDB28          4   // ILI9325D (8bit)

In future, please post a link to the item that you are asking about. If it is a clickable link, you get a better response.


Thanks, but I’ve tried that already. I don’t know if I’m just using the wrong pins or what. I’m using the UTFT library from Here’s a link to where I bought the display

I went to the effort of finding a link for you.

Your link shows completely different item. Different number of pins. It does not show the pcb photo. I found this Uno format Shield

If it is your screen: Please say so.

If this is not your screen: Please post a photo of the actual pcb on your desk. (Or an accurate photo from the Internet e.g. Ebay item)


Yes this is exactly the same screen that I have...I’ll try running the code like they said again, but the previous times I did use the analog pins, I was unsuccessful.

The Wiki gives clear instructions. If you have a problem, take notes on paper and number them.

Then post your steps here. Explain which step number goes wrong. And how.