Arduino in Education: Redirecting the User's Folder to Network Share/Drive

Greetings. I am a network specialist with the BOCES Southern Westchester Lower Hudson Regional Information Center. We are tasked with deploying the Arduino IDE application to multiple computers in a supported school district running a Microsoft (Active Directory) network. I am able to successfully configure a deploy using our software management tools (Systems Center Configuration Manager), but I am uncertain how to configure the software so that the equivalent of a "portable" folder gets written to each user's home directory/share. Is there any way to configure the application so that it looks for/writes to a folder in a user's network share? Thanks in advance.

you can deploy a single instance of the IDE in a shared folder and have multiple users using it without interfering; by default it will grab the configuration file from /Users/$username/AppData/Arduino15/preferences.txt so you could simply provision that file for any user to define sketchbook.path= to a suitable location.

Hope it helps!