Arduino in Italy?

Hi all,

I am going to Milano, Italy for a business trip next week, I was looking for hobbyists' shops that sell arduino and probably all types of elictronic components and accessories one would need to build a project. Arduino was born in Italy after all !!

I searched over the internet and all shops I found where online shops !!, I am hoping someone can guide me to some real shops in Milano ....


Hi Akwah, welcome to this forum. It's a pity no one answered yet and living in the Netherlands I unfortunately can't tell you much about Milano. It would "officially" be cross-section posting, but since the Italian-section of this forum has most posts of all non-English sections, most Italians also know English and nobody has answered you in 5 days yet... I guess nobody will have serious problems when you ask your question there.

If they do, just blame me... ;)

Hi Akwah Sorry nobody answered to you, being italian i'm sure we are willing to help and share as much like anybody else. That said , i'm sorry to inform you that the state of Electronic hobbist shops in Italy is disappointing, they are almost vanished from the view and the vast majority do biz only online or are located outside of the big cities . BTW 98% of good available for Arduino in italy are from USA .... So enjoy your trip to Milano and visit the Duomo and the museums , things you can't find outside italy.

Simpson_Jr, saposoft.... thanx for your replies, the lack of a community (on the ground at least) isn't something unique to Italy .... this is the case in most countries I visited .... I thought that Arduino being Italian would make a difference somehow ...... nevertheless, Italy is still beautiful .... the people are always nice :)

It’s the same over here. Maybe… you should include Hong-Kong in your next trip, I’ve never been there, but imagine it as a city filled with “Arduino, other electronics, 3 for the price of 1”-billboards. :smiley:

I grew up in New York, have lived in Seattle WA, Austin TX and Lansing MI, and have been living in Siena for the last 16 years. As a youth, Cortland street was a frequent hangout for me, but with the disappearance of that haven of electronics when the World Trade Center was built and that whole part of Manhattan was urban-renewaled, I haven't found a replacement. In Siena we have one components supplier, with a limited stock (and, for example, no SMD components). Except perhaps for China at this point, I suspect that the web will have to be the substitute for browsing amongst the bins (bancarelle) of Cortland street and downloading data sheets and browsing forums like this will have to substitute for picking the brains of the "old hands" (one of the most expert and able of whom in a ham-radio oriented shop had an especial knack for explaining things, perhaps because he was completely blind and had to find the right words to use).

Ciao, Lenny

sorry, there is not too much here.. just a rs-online depo, but you still have to order online. there are small shop but with big price,and difficoult to find. in tourin(Torino) you can find the Arduino's open lab