arduino in place of a momentery switch (fast switching )

hello. I have an sound fx processor that is controlled by momentary switches ,how could I control the switches (the switching )with an arduino? I need it to switch really fast and i dont know if relays would be fast enough :smiley_cat:

Can you show me a project that does this?I cant find any!!

A relay is an electrically activated and electrically isolated switch, so that's the best choice if you don't completely understand the circuit you are connecting to.

I'd guess a typical relay can switch about 10 times in a second so it's usually fast-enough to replace a mechanical switch.

The signal is probably very-low power, so the relay's contact voltage & current ratings are not critical.

The relay coil needs to be rated at 5V and less than 40mA if you want to connect it directly to the Arduino. (A relay almost always needs protection diode to protect the Arduino or driver circuit from the "kick back" voltage that's generated when the coil is de-energized.)

Can you show me a project that does this?I cant find any!!

Start with the Blink LED and Blink Without Delay examples. If you can turn on & off an LED, you can turn on & off a relay. :wink:

Then, you'll have to figure-out your program logic and any human or other inputs, etc.

thank you.
( the switches are normally open type and the device is opareting at 3.3 or 5 volts ) I think for my project the ability to switch 200 times a second would be more efficient , is there any alternative to relays?

Look at an analog switch, examples:

hello I am back on this project after finishing a drum project .can the switching be done instead of a relay or analog switch as suggested, with some common mosfet ? or some other component?