Arduino in PragPub

I thought some of you’d like to know that Arduino is the focus of the April issue of PragPub, the free magazine for software developers from The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

PragPub is a hard-core software developers’ magazine, so that’s the approach we’ve taken to Arduino in this issue. We figure that serious developers want to get into this popular open-source electronics prototyping platform, but don’t want to have to work with development tools designed for artists and hobbyists. So Arduino master Maik Schmidt, author of Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide (, shows how to develop software for Arduino in a professional way. Ian Dees gets into the act, too, showing how to bring serious software testing to the Arduino. Just because it’s a hobby doesn’t mean you don’t need power tools.

For anyone who’s ever been curious about Arduino, here’s a chance to dive deep. PragPub is free and carries no advertising, just information to improve developers’ lives. You can read it on the web, download a pdf, or read it in native formats on your Kindle, iBook, iPad, or other mobile device. And it’s available now at from The Pragmatic Bookshelf.

I’m telling you about this because I think it will be of interest to you. I hope you’ll think it will be of interest to others, too, and that you’ll pass it along.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Swaine