Arduino India Project Challenge - The RGB Color Challenge!

Hi Guys,

We (Simple Labs) are out with a challenge for the growing student community of arduino users in India.

Build a color sensor system that can sense any color and output the same onto an RGB LED, but wait.. there's a twist.. It needs to be a closed loop feedback system, sensing output from the RGB so as to equalize the input colour..!!! ;)

The challenge is open to all the students in India..

Build your own sensors.. (Readymade sensors disqualify you directly) Write your own codes.. (No header files) Participants should be able to explain the circuitry and the program..

Arduino, Arduino and only Arduino.. No other platform..

The winner's should be open with the idea of making the source code and the circuitry public.

The best system grabs away an Arduino UNO..! :)

Judgment favors the simple and efficient..

and do watch out the deadline.. The 'End date' of this event is 11th March 2011.

Cheers, Pracas