Arduino Industrial 101 AR9331 not working


I have been trying out the industrial 101 recently. It was working fine until for some reason the AR9331 side seems to have died.

The arduino (ATMEGA) is working as I have can see the board on my pc when connected with usb and I can program it.

But on the board itself, the power led is not ON anymore and when I connect the usb cable the RX pin blinks once but is very dim.
I found that when I program the atmega the led 13 is lit brightly and seems to work as normal. All the io pins are also working as usual and I can see 5v on them

It seems I have bricked the linux part of the board.

I have tried so far to press the user 1 button for 5-10 secs to try and see if I can see the access point wifi ssid but to no avail. I did not want to try and hard reset the linux as I had codes that werent backed up and would rather do it as last resort.

Any advise would be helpful.