arduino industrial version

I hope you are fine
May be my question is irrelevant but I had nice history with arduino.

I did a project prototype using arduino and it works fine.

now I will convert this prototype into industrial project(as I understand that arduino for prototyping only).

can you please suggest me an industrial microcontroller or PLC that is easy to handle and C++ programmable like arduino to launch the prototype into industrial package?( what I mean this Microcontroller is the industrial arduino version)

thanks alot


When you say your original prototype is based on Arduino, you probablty mean AVR.
What device have you used ? It might be a big help to suggest a replacement …

What are your "industrial requirements’ that the original AVR chip/device does not meet ?
Is it temperature ? voltage range ?


You can have your own boards made that combines an Atmel microcontroller in a higher temperature rated package along with your other circuitry.
I have done up a board for a customer in Africa using these parts. They do cost more, and higher temperature rated parts can be selected for the rest of the board as well.

Did you google Industrino?

Did you google Industrino?

Don't forget Ruggeduino.

Thanks guys, very appreciated.
This forum has good answers.
I will go for Ruggeduino.
Thanks alot