Arduino installation INCOMPLETE

I run my Arduino Uno on Windows 8, thanks to the forum help I was able to install the driver and bypass the digital file info not accepted thing that kept blocking the driver installation.

Now I have the Arduino Uno showing on my device manager, but it doesn’t work.

When I run the compiler nothing shows up in the Serial Port Menu. I’m tired of trying and trying again, it’s been two day with my new arduino and I still can’t get started!

Any help would be appreciated, many people are having trouble with similar issues.


If nothing shows up in the serial port menu while the Arduino is connected to your computer can have several reasons:

  • driver not installed / working
  • the usb cable is broken
  • the usb port on you computer is broken
  • the arduino itself is at least partially broken

Try a different cable / usb port / computer / OS. The Arduino IDE works very well with XP, so if you have that running it in a virtual machine may help.