Arduino + Internet Control + Live Webcam

I just figure out a easy way to do that , for your reference.

Arduino : connect to PC via USB Port , be able to control / monitor electronics
Arduino NetServer : Software that embedded a compact Web Server , and be able to turn on a Webcam , communicate with Arduino , transfer image to internet user.

This project does not need to install any software such as IIS or Apache into the PC. Please check the web site for detail.

Very neat app!
I was looking for something like this!


Yes , its very neat.

And everything you need is pay USD$35.0 to buy Arduino board. And another USD$20.0 for a Motor Shield.
The others are free !
Free - Dev-C++
Free - OpenCV for using a Webcam
Free - SDL Library for windows programming
Free - Web Server - Write a simple one by yourself. Save money from buying a ethernet shield for Arduino.
Free - Serial Port Programming for talking to Arduino
Free - DC & Stepper Motor Driver (Arduino has Servo Driver)
Free - My AMC Driver can drive both Bi-Polar and Uni-Polar Stepper Motor , so you can find them from a machine easily. DC Motors are everywhere.

I figure out all the tricky part such as :

  • Install OpenCV into Dev-C++
  • Using SDL_net to write a tiny Web Server
  • Serial Port Programming
  • Motor Driver for 74HC595N and 293D

You can find all these information on the website and links. And the most important thing is , they're all very simple job. Non of them requires a deep knowledge to make it.