Arduino internet thermometer

Hello all!

I had a servo lying around and wanted a quick project for me and my son to do. Thus the Internet thermometer was born!

In a nutshell, I wanted to show accurate, up-to-date temperature information, in an old-school way - ie on a big dial with a sweep hand.

Comments welcome!

The problem is that when you open the serial port in this way, DTR is asserted, and this causes the arduino to reset. This in turn causes the servo to reset to the 90 degree point. Thus every temperature change causes the arm to swing back and forth. Not cool.

I disagree! I think it would be cool for the indicator to “reset” and move to the new temperature.

Part of the fun of it being analog, is that you know when a big change occurs. When the temperature drops a degree in the 10 minute interval, that's enough for a fairly visible movement of the 'needle', which catches your eye.

This is the beauty of it I think. You don't notice a big change in a digital display, it's just digits. But with this, there is a visual (and auditory!) feedback when a big change occurs, the bigger the change, the bigger the feedback.

But if I was to add more features, say maybe a switch to show the weather in different places, or a switch to show daily minimum/maximums, yes, the quick swing to the new temperature is very cool :-)