Arduino/iOS/Bluetooth/Climate Control Help

I've been a long time viewer, but this is my first post. I am working on installing a new car audio system in my 09 Nissan Maxima. I am currently making a fiberglass piece that will house an iPad mini in my dash.

Here is where the title of my topic comes in. I've done some research on using the BLE Shield with an Arduino to mimic the buttons on the climate controls on the dash. I would like to take all of the controls and allow them to be activated through the iOS app on my iPad. Can you all help walk me through the best way to possibly tap into these controls and control them through the BLE shield (or another option). I would also like to be able to somehow turn the temp up and down and know have the degree that it is set at on the app. In the attached picture you can see my controls and the small display above. Although I would love to have everything that is displayed on the small screen on the app, I know it's probably not possible. I normally keep it on 70-72 and auto;) I would eventually like to add controls in the app to turn on and off some LED lights under the dash.

If it helps I could also add a wireless connection to my house from my car to put timers and delays on my home brewery system :slight_smile: