Arduino iot cloud disconnect

Arduino IoT Cloud keeps disconnecting.
The Wi-Fi signal works well, but the arduino iot cloud is connected and disconnected repeatedly.
When reconnected, there is a delay in the data, and different values are output from the widget and different values are stored.
Because a single piece of data is not stored consistently, it is not possible to utilize the functions of the Cloud.
Why is this happening?

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Same issue here. Works off the cloud but repeatedly disconnects when running on the cloud.

Hello there, do you still having issues?

I have been having similar issues - the widgets show different values from each other on web and android versions, and the connection is intermittent. On top of that, none of my dashboard widgets have updated in 5hours and none of them have shown any activity since then, even though devices are shown as connected. Checked serial report on one and it shows it connection to IOT cloud, then disconnecting straight away.

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