Arduino IoT Cloud reset daily?

Is anyone else having their connection to the IoT Cloud reset daily?

For the last two days, my connection appears to be reset once a day (around this time, last 20 mins or so). Is there an online connection limit or some other limit?

It didn't appear to be doing this prior to the outage the other day, but now it has occurred every day since. This triggers are response from my devices, as they 'reset'.

Is there a way to check connection logs or uptime data?

There is this new watchdog "feature". I had problems with this many days also when i reached this blog.

Check out this. More memory and new watchdog features for Arduino Cloud library

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But since this outage, I have some random connection losses which yield to program stucks but no resets.

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My terminology might be off, reset/connection loss are what I'm referring to here. I assume when the cloud connection is lost, it's causing the device to 'reset' when it connects and this seems to be triggering my 'onchange' events.

I'll have to check the watchdog feature, and not sure how to determine if this is triggering/causing the current issue with my devices.

You can determine whether the new feature is your problem by disabling it. This can be done by adding the argument false to the ArduinoCloud.begin function call.
It then looks like this:

ArduinoCloud.begin(ArduinoIoTPreferredConnection, false);
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Thanks for that, I'll see how it goes today after 24 hours. I saw that code, and will look to add it. I have to say the documentation for IoT Cloud is quite lacking.

Just had them all reset/disconnect/trigger. Looks like 24 hour cycle of issue, and only happened since the outage the other day. I had these running 24/7 prior to that for a number of days.

I've now added the ArduinoCloud.begin(ArduinoIoTPreferredConnection, false); one of my sketches and I'll test if that helps in 24h.

EDIT: Just had them reset/disconnect/trigger 30m after the first event (2:15PM AEST & 2:45 AEST). Which is midnight UTC-5 (east coast US) time. Not sure if anything is being triggered in the region that is linked to the service/my connection to the service?

Anyone have any recommendations on how to test it, logging or whatever?

After a week or two, no issues. Same reset at 20m ago, and just now.

It also seems to line up with my need to re-authorize my various platforms when accessing IoT Cloud services via a browser.

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