Arduino IoT Cloud Serial monitor

Hi, I have connected my Arduino board to the IoT Cloud, and have successfully updated the firmware by connecting it to my WIFI, but when I tried to open the Serial monitor, it shows the following message:
Connection to "my_wifi_name" failed
Retrying in "500" milliseconds

It still prints out the message I put when I use Serial.println(), but I don't understand why it is printing the above messages. Any help would be appreciated.

This is debug output printed by the Arduino_ConnectionHandler library used by the ArduinoIoTCloud library:

That debug output is in turn handled by the Arduino_DebugUtils library. You can learn about its usage here:
and a demo sketch here:

Ok, I see that it is part of the library, but what is a general solution as to how to solve this?

It's not clear what you would like to solve. Please provide a detailed description.

how to make this quote go away

Change this line of your sketch:


to this:


You can see all the supported debug levels here:

  • DBG_NONE - no debug output is shown
  • DBG_ERROR - critical errors
  • DBG_WARNING - non-critical errors
  • DBG_INFO - information
  • DBG_DEBUG - more information
  • DBG_VERBOSE - most information

The default setting of 2 is DBG_INFO. I'm not sure why they use the less friendly number instead of the more meaningful name, but they are equivalent as far as the compiler is concerned.

Okay thanks, this works perfectly. Can I ask what was the original cause for that message?

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