arduino IP camera


I am working on a project where I can use recycled webcams from old laptops as security cameras, I figured out how to connect the cameras through a usb cable to my computer but I was looking to make it wireless.

So my goal is to have a small box with a arduino that sends the camera signal to my computer.

I figured that is would need a wifi module or a bluetooth module but I am not so sure how to connect the webcam to the arduino and then transfer the live image.

I have a couple of questions:

  • if I connect my camera with the arduino where do the data+ and data- cables go?
  • Can I transfer a live image with a arduino and a wifi module?
  • Do you guys have some tips for this project?



  • Do you guys have some tips for this project?

Just drop the idea, the best you could get is a very slow server.

You can get a small WiFi enabled cam for € 9.12 with free shipping.
That module can be programmed via the Arduino IDE.

I do not know of any way to connect a USB camera to an Arduino. But they work fine on Raspberry Pi boards.